Welcome to Precision Arts Challenge.  We are excited to host your studio in 2022.

We would like to run events in the traditional competition format provided that it follows all local and state CDC guidelines.  

Precision Arts, Inc ONLY communicates with Studio Directors.  As much as we would love to have conversations with each of the parents attending, it is simply not possible.  This includes but is not limited to COVID restrictions local and state, financial responsibly, accessing complementary media, etc.  Please direct all questions to your Studio Director.     

Precision Arts Challenge​

Piano Concert Hall


Please take a moment to confirm venue.  If the venue MUST change within 21 days of your event Precision Arts, Inc the director will be contacted via email.



Here you will be able to share the hotel block information with your parents. Please note that Precision Arts, Inc is not associated with the hotels listed. 

Ballet Class With Masks


  Precision Arts, Inc is actively following all CDC guidelines to provide a safe event for your families and our staff.  All waivers will be sent with initial email.



It is Official, Precision Arts Challenge has introduced PAC Attack™ to soloists. How does it work?

1. Soloists registered in the Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen, Senior age group in all levels Advance, Competitive, and Pre-Professional are automatically entered.

2. This is a performance competition. Soloists that are truly captivating performers are what the judges are looking for on stage.  Following their solo, the judges will cue the lights and sirens.  This is how you will know that your soloists has been chosen for a PAC Attack™ Call Back. By having the sirens sound your dancer will be awarded a Precision Performer Award for the weekend.

3. The PAC Attack™ Call Back will take place before the awards of that session. PAC Attack™ Call Back contestants will then be asked to improv. The improv will be done to a jazz song. They will be allowed to wear whatever they want for the PAC Attack™ Call Back. They have already won. This is an opportunity to show off and have fun for a crowd full of your biggest fans.

4. The dancers will line up on the stage, with direction from our backstage coordinator. The DJ will announce their name and they will start their improve. Once the last dancer has performed they will all be asked to strut their stuff one last time. Go CrAzY for your DANCERS!  They have earned it.



See the Lights?!  Hear the Siren?!  This GROUP routine has been chosen for our PAC ATTACK™ Challenge and will perform again for the Best in Show award!  The winning routine will be posted online for voting.  The video with the most likes by next season will win $500.00 cash.

GROUP Routines are nominated live by the judging panel based on entertainment value and must be a group routine to be considered.  PAC ATTACK™ nominees have fun energy on stage and get the audience moving. We encourage you to cheer on the performers, after all your applause is their inspiration.



Live Stream (provided by Dance Bug) is a wonderful tool during these difficult times to include those who are unable to view the show in person, however, each venue is different and this service depends entirely on the wireless internet at the venue to work properly.


If during this event your Live Stream is interrupted please remember Precision Arts, Inc is providing complementary media to all registered dancers. Although we do not want to disappoint our at-home audience our priority will always be to ensure the dancers at our "LIVE" event have a great experience returning to the stage.

live stream.JPG


Photos and videos will be available for download after the show.


We are happy to provide our clients with digital programs.  They are located within your event page. Simply click on your event and scroll down.  The Printable Program link will allow you to view the event schedule for your event.

costume design.JPG


Onsite Registration Available.


Calling all costume designers.  This is a custom costume competition that mirrors the runway.  The dancers will come forward showing off the originality, craftsmanship, and creativity of their custom costumes. Winners of this competition will receive a voucher for a FREE costume from Perform Costuming.

Model walk will be done before awards ceremony during solo sessions. 

miss pre.JPG


Pre-Professional soloists in the Petite, Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen, and Senior age group may compete for the TITLE of Miss/ Mr Precision. Soloists must PRE-REGISTER as they will be competing in a separate session.  Soloists may enter multiple routines for the title competition. We will only crown 1 solo per dancer.

Each judge will have a separate score sheet for all TITLE candidates judging on the routine's style.  This is available on the DIRECTORS resources page for Studio Owners/ Teachers to view.  Title Score is separate from the adjudicated scores.

IMPORTANT: There must be a minimum of 4 soloists in an age division to compete for TITLE.  Title age divisions are separated as ‘8 & Under’, ‘9 thru 12’ and '13 & Up'. If the minimum is not met, entries will be combined as follows ’12 & Under’ and ’13 & Up’ or all TITLE contestants will be moved into one division. Age divisions may be broken down further dependent on enrollment at the particular event.   

Title winners will receive a banner, and crown (males receive a beanie). A dancer may only win the title of “Miss/ Mr Precision” at one regional per year. Title entries will not be included in regular overalls and will instead be placed in their own overall category.  The top 10  contestants in each age division will receive a crown. Ties will not be split.

action photo.jpg


Onsite Registration Available.

This picture must be of a dance in motion.  Please submit photo in degital format with entries. Photo will be placed in our program.  There is no age requirement for Action Photography.  Participants can enter at any regional location as long as they attend at least one event.  Top scoring photos will be considered for our national marketing campaign the following year.  (Regional winners are pooled together and once the tour is completed finalists will be chosen from that regional pool of contestants.) Finalists will be invited to a photo shoot in Chicago area this summer.  At that time we will choose the FACE of PAC (PAC Cover Model) & the VOICE of PAC (PAC Ambassador) for 2023.