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What is the PAC ATTACK Call Back?

It's official, Precision Arts Challenge has introduced PAC ATTACK­™ to soloists.


  • Soloists registered in the Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen, & Senior age groups in all levels (advanced, competitive, and pre-professional) are automatically entered.

  • This is a performance competition. Soloists that are truly captivating performers are what the judges are looking for on stage. Following their solo, the judges will cue the lights and sirens. This is how you will know that soloist has been chosen for a PAC Attack™ Call Back. By having the sirens sound, your dancer will be awarded a Precision Performer Award for the weekend.

  • The PAC Attack™ Call Back will take place before the awards of that session. PAC Attack™ Call Back contestants will then be asked to improv. The improv will be done to a jazz song. They will be allowed to wear whatever they want for their Call Back.

  • They have already won! This is an opportunity to show off and have fun with a crowd full of their biggest fans!