Judging Part II

At Precision, our judges must be more than just knowledgeable. We are looking for high energy, team players. See below for examples of what a PAC judge is.


A PAC judge is always willing to get out there and strike their best pose with the dancers on stage. You are, after all, their favorite people of the weekend.


PAC judges are required to hand out awards at every ceremony. We firmly believe each dancer should have a special moment and connection with you.


We are all family here. Judges and crew members interact together, share rooms, and help one another. No job is more important than the next. 


We will be working long days and nights. It's a necessity to keep your excitement and enthusiasm up. The last dance deserves you at your best. We often run on Starbucks, but when we can't please be understanding. There are always coffee pods for the Keurig.


Don't be shy! PAC judges all know how to shake it! The audience and dancers love it when you get out there at award ceremonies. We have alot of fun here!

Doesn't that sound like the best job ever? If you think so, please fill out the form below.