# of dancers
time limit
fees per dancer
3:00 min
contact us
3:00 min
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small group
3:00 min
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large group
4:00 min
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8:00 min
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extended time
groups/lines only
+2:00 min
$3 per dancer
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action photo
costume design
*Credit Card processing fee may apply*
Independent entries are not accepted.


This must be an original design costume. The costume will be judged on design, creativity, originality, fabric choice, and construction. Please note you will be given a time slot for the dancer (s) to model the costume. Modeling only. No choreography is allowed in this category. Walking and pivot turns are suggested to show off the costume design. Points will be deducted if it is difficult to view costume. Winners of this category will receive a FREE costume voucher!


This picture must be of a dancer in motion. Please submit photo in digital format with entries. Photo will be placed in our program. There is no age requirement for Action Photography. Participants can enter at any regional location as long as they attend at least one event. Top scoring photos will be considered for our national marketing campaign the following year. (Regional winners are pooled together. Once the tour is complete, finalists will be chosen from that regional pool.) Finalists will be invited to a photo shoot. One entry per dancer.


Who will be the next FACE of PAC?

The cover model chosen will be featured on all advertising including website, plaques, trophies, banners, tour programs, and other print material.

Who will be the next VOICE of PAC?

In addition to the "face", a "voice" will be chosen to become the PAC Ambassador. The PAC Ambassador will represent PAC at specific events and curate a strong social presence with their energetic personality. 


Block Scheduling 

We would like to run events in the traditional competition format provided that it follows all local and state CDC guidelines.  With that being said if your studio would prefer a STUDIO BLOCK Studio Directors must submit request 21 days prior to competition.  The request form is located on the Director Resource Page.  The studio block request form is available on the director resource page.

Studio Blocks follow all the same RULES as a traditional competition formatted schedule.  If a studio requests for a routine to perform during a time that has been blocked by a studio the Studio Director will be contacted to agree or disagree to this special request.  With that being said, if you have a special request for a specific routine to perform outside of your block, we will do the same.  Please note if a studio performs after the session awards for a specific age group they will not be included in overalls.

Block Scheduling - Special Request

Our team works hard to accommodate special requests, however the block scheduling format has limited the amount of flexibility we have to do so. Should your studio need special accommodations regarding performance time, there will be a $5 charge per routine. Please note this fee is only applied when specific performance day or time is requested. Example: must perform on Friday after 5:00p


  • A fee of $5 per routine will be applied once the schedule and accommodation is made

  • Your time block may extend 2 hours before or after requested time due to costume changing

  • Precision Arts Inc, may not be able to accommodate all requests

  • Fee is waived in regular (non-blocked) scheduling format

  • STUDIO BLOCK Requests must be filled out 21 days prior to event.