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How to Prepare for a Dance Competition

Updated: Jan 12

Dancing is both one of the oldest and one of the most popular pastimes for people all around the world. A testament to this is the vast number of different styles out there. Learning a new dance style can take time. What better way to show off your physical, mental, and even emotional skills than to show off your abilities at a dance competition.

While dancing is for some people solely a way to stay in shape and have fun, for others, there is the added dimension of challenge. You can't just show up to a dance competition and expect to put on a good performance without any practice, however. It takes a great deal of time and preparation to reach the level required for competition level dancing.

Precision Arts hosts dance competitions for a wide variety of age groups and skill levels, in styles as various as ballet and hip hop dancing. If you would like to sign up for a competition in your area, fill out this form. Due to the current pandemic, we now also offer virtual competitions. Learn about the rules of our dance competitions.

5 Ways to Prepare for a Dance Competition

#1: Practice

This isn't just number one on our list, it is also number one in importance. You'll never be able to complete a dance routine competently without actually practicing it. Getting your dance to the level where it is second nature is important so that, even if you get nervous on the stage, your hours of practice will kick in and you won't forget your routine when under stress.

#2: Look the Part

Even though dance competitions are mostly about your movement, choreography, and your song choice, how you or your team looks is also important. Your appearance is part of the overall performance — and that includes everything from makeup and hair, to your attire and more. Looking the part is all about communicating a story and using your image as a way to contribute to the performance. A team of dancers should wear the same or similar attire, so be sure to plan ahead!

#3: Relax

Dance competitions are both exciting and stressful for most contestants. When you have to perform in front of a crowd, including judges, it is easy for your nerves to get the best of you. Instead of worrying about tripping up though, think of your nervousness as the way that your body prepares you for handling the challenge awaiting you. One way to help you relax is to visualize yourself conducting your routine successfully (just like in your best practice!).

#4: Pack Ahead

A few days before the dance competition, pack your bag with all your makeup, audio, outfit, etc. The days before a competition can be hectic, so it's good to get the basics taken care of before you have a chance to forget something, potentially undermining your otherwise well-prepared performance.

#5: Complete All Necessary Paperwork

Make sure you don't forget to fill out any paperwork! There are often dozens of teams and lots of moving parts in a dance competition. Make sure your team is registered in the right category and all fees have been paid. Making sure everything official is taken care of can help you focus on the thing that matters most — preparing for the competition and your routine!

Ready, Steady, Dance!

We sincerely hope these tips have helped you feel more prepared and ready to perform in your upcoming competition. If you haven't signed up yet, register today. If you would like to sign up for a virtual competition, learn more about those here.

There are so many wonderful different types of dances in the world. Sign up for a competition to show off your skills, challenge yourself, and have fun! Precision Arts hosts dance competitions all around America. See when we'll be near you!

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