Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!!!

We are thrilled to invite your dancers, parents, and staff to Precision Arts Challenge 2021 season!!!

Browse around and find our Unlimited program, Extra Fun Stuff, and Pricing Menu! We are looking forward to hosting your team. Please reach out with any questions.

What makes PAC different?

EVERY group in EVERY city is automatically entered in the PAC ATTACK CHALLENGE. If the judges feel like the routine on stage is a showstopper, the performers will know it… cue the LIGHTS & ALARMS! Click the link Below to see it in action. This is the PAC ATTACK Challenge!!!


Your dancers will be entered for a Chicago photo shoot and the opportunity to represent their studio as the FACE of PAC. Handmade costumes and custom designs this is where you shine. Give your dancers the opportunity to model some of the standout pieces from your costume collections to receive FREE costumes from Reverence Dance Apparel.


Take classes from our extraordinary teachers and judging panel on us! We want to encourage a weekend of learning as well as competition. Stand out dancers will be recognized at awards.


If your dancer wins the TITLE of Miss Precision in their city they will be welcomed by UNITED STATES TOURNAMENT OF DANCE to represent their state as a finalist for MISS/ MR DANCE of the UNITED STATES where the winner will earn the coveted title and $10,000.00 cash award ($5000.00 for dancer, $5000.00 to studio).

2021 Pricing

Duet:$65 per dancer

Trio: $65 per dancer
Group: $52 per dancer

Title: $35 per solo (pre-registered)